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 Wuxi zhongyi chemical pharmaceutical machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the southern suburbs of Wuxi City, is located in Taihu Lake which is China Pharmaceutical Equipment Association and Obtained ISO9001-2000 Certification company. The original company (Wuxi Xuelang chemical medicine machine equipment factory), founded in 1991 is the early to do equipment manufacturers of soft capsules.own brand soft capsule equipment developed in 1999 named RJWJ- II -type soft capsule production line. Now the company have many experienced soft capsule technology and equipment developed by technical experts that develop technologically advanced series of soft capsules RJWJ production line equipment (RJWJ-100 type, RJWJ-150 type, RJWJ-180 type, RJWJ-250 type, RJWJ-350 type), and in-depth study of soft capsule technology.

The company spirit of "honest friendship" business philosophy, integrity Liye, courtesy the world to win.

In order to study the production process of soft capsule,our company have a large processing base (training base)in WUXI, there are modem GMP workshop, specializing in the OEM of soft gelatin capsules and equipment manufacturers processing personnel training, a comprehensive variety of soft capsules the development and production process of research, free of charge for users to provide more soft capsule manufacturing process and formulation to support.

Wuxi ZHONGYI achieve a successful which are soft capsule equipment, production technology, process technology and new product development of the organic combination of soft gelatin capsules for a large number of peers to provide more comprehensive services, including new trial soft capsule, soft capsule engineering consulting, design and practical workshop offers a full range of soft capsule production equipment, provide a detailed recipe and process of soft capsule, soft capsule GMP workshop demonstration display, soft capsule production GMP training workshops, soft capsules, such as OEM processing.

Company to a first-class quality, first-class service, first-class reputation, first-class record of product quality in China, to build bridges of friendship. Our company sincerely hopes that friends and industry work together to enhance the level of soft capsule technology efforts.

Wuxi zhongyi chemical pharmaceutical machinery equipment Co., Ltd.
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