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RJWJ-RJ Gelatin Melting Tank
This series of sol-pot production of soft shell capsules are necessary for the sol, mixing liquid ingredients, vacuum, condensate production processes, such as special equipment.
RJWJ-RJ gelation melting bucket
RJWJ-RJ series gelation stirring and melting bucket is special equipment for gelation melting, mixing, material preparation and vacuumizing and so on durning small production of spftgel.
RJWJ-RS circulation hot-water bucket
RJWJ-RS circulation hot-water bucket is provided for sol 80C 100C hot water, the supply pot sol recycled, the process requires the exchange of hot water heating, the viscosity of the glue pot to ensure that the necessary equipment. Steam and electric heating at ...
RJWJ-RLS vacuum condensate jar
The device is a solution to the production process of plastic viscosity uniformity Is to ease the balance and vacuum control of condensing water collected a special energy-saving equipment.
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