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RJWJ-250 type soft capsule produce equipment
RJWJ-250 soft capsulation production line is of large scale production equipment. The single unit annual production capacity is 400,000,000 capsules. Adopts international advanced control technology, precisely design precisely producing, it is the dependable tool f...
ZL300 Inteligent softgel tumbler dryer
ZL300 inteligent softgel tumbler dryer combines the working principle of common tumbler dryers in the market and the rotery dehumidifier This product was designed, developed and tested 3 years ago. It is a totally new opimized and designedinteligent dryer This mach...
RJWJ-200 soft capsule produce equipment
RJWJ-200-type soft capsule machine rolling mode is successful development on the basis of absorbing at home and abroad advanced technology This is roll mode Soft Capsule Machine.The Mold¡¯s length is 200 millimeters which have the new Row-hole approach to meet the n...
RJWJ-ZL stainless steel drier (turn cage)
Stainless steel dryer (to cage) for the amorphous soft capsules, dry, Each dryer has a wind machine, each to a separate cage can be both positive and negative rotation, in order to prevent the transfer cage capsules formed by the breakdown of cross-contamination an...
RJWJ-15 Softgel Encapsulation Machine
RJWJ-15 Softgel Encapsulation Machine, is the newest style wedesigned on the basis of the old style. It is designed for the market vacancy. The machine has a compact structure, beautiful outlook, stable performance, moderate capacity and it is more automated and hu...
RJWJ-15 Paintball Machine
RJWJ-15 Paintball Machine, is improved according to the features of paintball production and on the basis of the softgel encapsulation machine. The machine is suitable for the research and production of paintball and bath balls. This machine is the best style for t...
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