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Global development status of soft capsule
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Soft capsule in foreign countries has developed rapidly, in addition to drugs, in nutrition and health care products, cosmetics, household goods and other fields are widely used. The world has turned mode soft capsule making machine ( rotarydieencapsulationmachine ) more than 560 Taiwan, the annual output more than60000000000, up more than 3600 kinds of varieties. The United States is the world's largest soft capsule production country, sales volume ranks first in the world, followed by Germany, england.

Domestic and foreign soft capsule production application mode how to run soft capsule on production technology and equipment requirements, professional and strong, therefore, compared with other types of medicine, in the soft capsule production of pharmaceutical companies, health food production enterprises seldom. At present the foreign soft capsule products by the professional production factory to undertake other factories, processing the form of commissioned business.

Soft capsule production line put into large, infrastructure requirements, personnel training, strict requirements, large investment, long cycle. Soft capsule products belong to the scale of production products, a soft capsule machine production line, annual production capacity of 100000000soft gel capsules above, at the same time with a number of production lines and production costs compared to a single production line, the high cost of production. Therefore, for one or several products supporting a soft capsule production line, from economic benefits is not worthwhile. This is also the reason why foreign soft capsule by the professional manufacturer of complete reason.

At the same time, health food products life cycle is shorter, by the professional soft capsule production business to produce not only reduce the product in advance investment, but also shorten the time to market, thereby reducing the risk of product development. Soft capsule manufacturers generally only require reasonable profits, and their production line, by the professional soft capsule production to production, product cost may be lower.

The soft capsule of professional and technical definition

What is the soft capsule soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet is following the injection after the development of a new dosage form, will oily functional material, functional material solution or functional material suspension liquid, pasty and even functional material powder pressed and injected and sealed in plastic film, size, form shapes of the sealed capsule.

Soft capsule what characteristics compared with other types of medicine, soft capsule with high bioavailability, accurate content, good uniformity, aesthetic appearance and characteristics.

Which products are suitable for the soft capsule

The soft capsule is oily functional materials, health food the most appropriate dosage forms. Because oil functional substances may omit the absorption, curing technology, and can effectively avoid the oily functional material from absorbing materials in exudative. In addition, the low melting point of functional substances and health food, poor bioavailability of hydrophobic functional materials and health food, bad taste and odor of functional materials and health food, trace active functional substances and health food and light, wet, heat stability and the oxidizable functional materials and health food are suitable for making soft capsule. In recent years, Chinese medicine product development, is mainly to the soft capsule.

Soft capsule shell composition and how safe is the main component of soft capsule shell gelatin, glycerin and water.

Gelatin as a pure natural proteins, made of animal skin or bone in refined. Gelatin is a kind of nutritious food, many daily food if you freeze, candy is made from gelatin.

Glycerol is a natural product, from plant oil hydrolysis process, is a widely used a safe food additive. Therefore, the soft capsule shell itself is a kind of nutritious food.

Health care food why choose soft capsule dosage form the United States of America survey shows that, in the health food, pharmaceutical dosage forms ( including tablet, capsule, soft capsule ),44.2% of the customers the most welcome is soft capsule.

Soft capsule has the advantages of 1direct intestinal absorption after disintegration, without dissolving process, fast absorption;2 soft capsule content accurate;3high bioavailability, reduce patient dose;4functional material has good stability, easy to absorb moisture;5good sealing, cover of unpleasant odors;6convenient use, beautiful appearance, popular. Soft capsule and other dosage forms is different, soft capsule can according to the different needs, production into a variety of different, popular shape, more attractive for customers.

Soft capsule production quality evaluation criteria for what is soft capsule products quality evaluation are key points:

1product disintegrating, this product can absorb for human body is an important index of. Chinese Pharmacopoeia soft capsule had 60 minutes to completely disintegrate, and the British Pharmacopoeia, the United States Pharmacopoeia requirements soft capsule products must be within 30 minutes of complete disintegration. If not up to the requirements, means that the product is not in the human body to release effective ingredients, also do not talk to go up to be absorbed by human body.

2 the product quantity, it is soft capsule products is one of the important indexes in Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the British Pharmacopoeia, the United States Pharmacopoeia, etc. are provided, general requirements below 500 mg capsules product volume difference should not exceed more than 500 mg7.5%, shall not exceed5%. If not up to the requirements, means that the product effective component dose not accurate, some of the more effective components, some content is less, affect the use effect of the product.

3product uniformity, although different soft capsules product by product uniformity requirements vary, but soft capsule products, especially plant extracts and other solid containing soft capsule products, if do not completely homogeneous emulsification, which means the product effective component dose not accurate, also affects the use effect of the product.

The 4products of microbial detection, a variety of bacterial indicator is soft capsule products quality is one of the important indicators, if the product of microbial indicators exceed the standard, implies the use of the product not only cannot produce medical, health care and other effects, but it may cause a variety of diseases. Such as Escherichia coli exceed the standard, may cause diarrhea, poisoning and other diseases, a variety of pathogenic bacteria can cause all exceed the standard, infection, poisoning.

These indicators are need the corresponding experimental apparatus, equipment and other professionals to complete the detection and provide the corresponding experimental report.


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