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Dispersible tablets and capsules comparison
News | 2014-12-10 | Views: 2480

Dispersible tablets refers to in the water can be rapidly disintegrating and uniformly dispersed tablets.

Dispersion tablet of merits:

Taking convenient, quick disintegration, quick, simple preparation process, high stability, high efficiency.

Dispersible tablets:

Dispersible tablets as a dosage form has its limitations. In the production process, the general requirements will be raw materials for micronization, increases the production process; due to the selection of excellent disintegrants, higher cost; quality requirements are relatively high, quality control standards of difficulty. Storage conditions also more general tablet is more demanding, because the use of larger doses of the dispersible tablet disintegration, hygroscopicity strong, packaging materials on the moisture barrier effect is more demanding, so the packaging and storage cost is high!

Capsule usually have hard and soft capsules of. Hard capsule is also called hollow capsule, which is composed of a hat body is composed of two parts; soft capsule is a film forming material and the contents and processed products.

Capsule characteristics:

Capsule filled with drugs, are generally on esophageal and gastric mucosal irritant powder or granules, or not good taste, easy volatilization, easy to be decomposed in the oral cavity saliva, as well as easy tracheal inhalation drug. These drugs into capsule, which protects the drug was not damaged, but also the protection of the digestive and respiratory tract. Remove the capsule shell may cause drug loss, waste, reduce the efficacy of drugs. In addition, some medications need to be in the intestinal uptake of dissolved, capsule is a kind of protection, protection of drugs are not destroyed by gastric acid.

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