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Mill operation matters needing attention
News | 2014-12-10 | Views: 1984

Continuous flow pulverizer matters needing attention:

1, check whether there is a foreign body ( a crushing cavity before starting the machine must be empty ), switch on the power supply.

2, tighten the upper cover and the crushing cavity of the butterfly nut.

3, start the motor, air machine rotating 1-2minutes, then from the feed plate gradually feeding play materials, feeding should not be too much too fast.

4, if the material is jammed, the motor does not rotate, please shut down immediately, lest the motor burned, to clear the card material, may continue to use.

In 5, the machine in the process of using forbidden open the cover and extends into the crushing chamber by hand.

In 6, this machine is a dry mill, not break the wet and greasy.

7, please users according to the required replacement of different screen.

In 8, the machine adopts the overheat protection device, such as a motor load is too large, the machine will stop automatically, such as to continue, please press the protector.

In9, the engine working process, the current greater than 15amperes.

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