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Cyclosporine market analysis
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According to reports, the level of organ transplantation in China has leapt to first in Asia, more than 100 domestic focus of hospital to carry out20 kinds of allogenic organ transplantation kidney transplantation, which is in the first place, in the process of organ transplantation, immunosuppressant cyclosporin played the role of escort.

In 1, a situation of tripartite confrontation of immunosuppressant market. At present, the immunosuppressant market, there are more than 30products, nearly 100manufacturers in mutual competition, from look on the drug category, has been formed to fungal metabolites, medicine and chemical agents such a situation of tripartite confrontation situation, respectively, occupying 40.2%,34.6% and21.9% of the market share, and new immunosuppressants, clinical applications continue to expand, has become the mainstream of the market. Immunosuppressive agents is another feature of the market concentration is relatively high, in the top 5companies in the market share to occupy the 60% above. On 2002, Chinese immunomodulators market sales total amount is 7000000000 yuan about, including the use of immunosuppressants market allowed4500000000 yuan, occupy our country immune regulator Market 64%. As organ transplantation special consumption, also led to the foreign capital, the joint venture company 's products on the market popular.

2, cyclosporin anti rejection effect obviously. Cyclosporin A for the third generation of selective immunosuppressants, its come out, in order to reduce allograft rejection plays an important role in.

In 3, the joint venture's products dominated market structure. Cyclosporin is the company 's product development, in 1986 in the Japanese market, the trade name of neoral. Neoral in China in 1997the production of documents, the main form has injection, capsule and oral liquid. Look from the market, at present our country cyclosporin formulation production manufacturers, in 2001 4mainly the production of factory production of raw materials ratio on annual growth of 32.38%, output reached 1.39 tons, the production concentration degree is high. At present, the market agents product is composed of the following products: Novartis Neoral oral liquid, injection, the east of cyclosporin, North China Pharmaceutical Tian Ke soft capsule, oral liquid, capsule, Zhejiang's economic prosperity of Livzon Group combination of cyclosporin soft gelatin capsules, and Sichuan against pharmaceutical oral liquid. Novartis and the East China pharmaceutical market share bigger, the two held the market share of nearly 90%, the cyclosporine market basically is controlled by the joint venture factory, the domestic enterprises accounted for about 10% or so. In 2001, cyclosporin in typical domestic hospitals ranked ninth, use amount is 130800000000 yuan, in 2002year-on-year growth rate of 8.7%. In 2002the immune system of the retail pharmaceutical market sales, Neoral accounted for 29.13%, in sales for the 7.56%. With the deepening of the research on the immunosuppressive agents, the pharmaceutical industry has developed a lot with the value of clinical application of novel immunosuppressant. At present a lot of new agents in China has successfully marketed, adumbrative our country immunosuppressant market is entering a new era.

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