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The vigorous development of China's pharmaceutical raw materials market
News | 2014-12-10 | Views: 10992
To date, the global synthetic compounds have been developed more than 10000000 kinds of Tatsu, fine chemicals sales of $50000000000, year increase rate is about 5%, in the pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical raw materials medicine occupy a dominant position. Chemical raw material medicine industry is the important basis of the pharmaceutical industry, the production of raw materials has reached more than 2000 species, the size of the market by 1996 nearly $10000000000expansion to $13000000000 in 2000, each year to around 7% increments. Foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers needed chemical raw materials and intermediates60% through purchase or contract manufacturing. Along with the Chinese medicine raw materials production technology continues to improve, pharmaceutical equipment is perfect with each passing day, and the joint venture pharmaceutical enterprises raw materials to seize the Chinese market, medicine of world raw material production center has gradually shift to Asia, and China in the raw material medicine production is rising rapidly.
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