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RJWJ-100 II soft capsule produce equipment
RJWJ-100II-type soft capsule roller machine is based on RJWJ-100 equipment performance and customer demand production of newly developed models. Devices using advanced technology and quality materials, carefully designed according to GMP requirements. The machine u...
RJWJ-180 softgel encapsulation machine
RJWJ-180 system soft capsule encapsulating machine is to absorb the domestic and international advanced technique foundation up, but research to manufacture to succeed of roll the soft capsule machine of mode, the molding tool length amounts to 180£¬matching with th...
RJWJ-150A soft capsule produce equipment
RJWJ-150A-type soft capsule host PLC to control the use of technology and the use of pneumatic compression of the mold roll, thereby extending the tool life, it is stable, easy to operate, well-equipped, well-produced set of equipment, and materials research, in fu...
RJWJ-150B soft capsule produce equipment
RJWJ-150B-type soft capsules manufacturing machine line Sol, ingredients, pressure pill capsule dryer host, composed of recycled rubber an automated production line.
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