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RJWJ-250 type soft capsule produce equipment

RJWJ-250 soft capsulation production line is of large scale production equipment. The single unit annual production capacity is 400,000,000 capsules. Adopts international advanced control technology, precisely design precisely producing, it is the dependable tool for the production of high quality soft capsules.

Humanized design , easy to operate:
1.Mould with mould shaft machine design, to prevent the damage during the moulds installation.
2.Special use wedge installation device, prevent the damage of wedge during the installation. Reduce the working strength of the operators.
3.We use the simplified design for all the daily maintenance parts, easy and fast.
4.Special industrial beautiful designing, it makes the whole machine looks beautiful and generous, brief and clear find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

Model RJWJ-250 production line has following adv-antages
Each system independent control, coordinated accordingly, easy to adjust.
Roller die pressing type: Pneumatic pressure pressing, digital display, light and easy.
Low noise design, there is no noise increase when highest and lowest speed operation. Improved working conditions.
Adopts non-oil or micro-oil lubrication it is easy to evaporate the water of the capsule, shortened the drying time.
For most of the soft capsules no need to clean by alcohol or ether To prevent the hurt from the solvent to capsules, (excepting the printed soft capsules).
Precise gelatin film thickness adjustment, independent film spreading control, it is flexible and suitable to various kinds of gelatin solution and moulds, reaches the max. using rate of gelatin solution.
Two sides gelatin film linear conveying, no need adjust, production stable.
Roller die adjustment: Free opposite line design, simplified operation, to prevent operator's mistake.
Wedge lifting type: Elec-driven, and self-lock, safty and dependable.
Material supply pump: Free adjust design, easy install, prevent operator's mistake all rolling bearing design, prolonged using life.
Gelatin film cooling type: Auto-control water cooling, air blow balance, equipped with machine.
Capsule fast shape fixing: Special air blow device, reduce the temperature of capsule output part. Easy for the capsule shape fixing. Temperature control material hopper Precise temperature control, auto liquid level control, it is suitable to various kinds of material’ requirements.

Technical Parameters

roll mode speed: 0-6rmp
roll mode size: ∮150×250mm
capsule production: 100000/h,8#olive,500mg/pill
material feeding quanitity: 0-3(ml)
load difference: less than ±2%
load precision: <=±1%
power supply: 380V 50HZ
motor power: 1.1Kw
total power: 9Kw
dimentions: 2110X1000X2000mm
weight: 1400KG

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