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RJWJ-15 Paintball Machine

RJWJ-15 Paintball Machine, is improved according to the features of paintball production and on the basis of the softgel encapsulation machine. The machine is suitable for the research and production of paintball and bath balls. This machine is the best style for the small production of paintballs and bath balls. It has stable performance, lower cost, precise volume and high degree of automation. The liquid level of the gelation box is controlled by the level sensor ande the injector adopts new temperature controlling system, so the temperature is stable and can be controlled precisely the touch screen is designed reasonable and it is easy to learn and operate. The maximum capacity is about 10800 pcs/h.

Technical Parameters

dimension 1680 * 600 * 1550 £¨mm£©
Roll Mode Size 103 * 100 £¨mm£©
Pressure roller die 0.1 - 0.5 (mpa)
Capsule Production 10800pill/hour £¨8#Olives£©
roll mode speed 0 - 5 £¨Rev / min£©
Feeding Precision ¡Ý¡À1%
Motor Power 0.75 kw
Total Power 5 kw
Power Supply 380v 50hz
Weight 550kg

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